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Last time I came here, the WTC was standing.

The last two days i’ve been one of the “experts” at one of our user groups, this one hosted at the Millenium Hilton on Church St.  If you know NYC, you might know this is *directly* opposite ground zero.
It’s been quite distracting really, the space where they are building doesn’t look big enough to house the 2 WTC towers, let alone the other one (or was it other ones?) that collapsed.
Apparently this Hilton was shut for 18 months after that day, there is a building to the left of ground zero that is still being fixed up from it.

From the heady hights of the presidential suite (swanky cocktail party, unfortunately i’m not staying in it!), which is atop of the hotel, the footprint just doesn’t compute.

Oh, and I went to the Apple store the other day and am gonna take the plunge and get me one!

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