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What’s goin’ on

  • I’m in Orlando, FL with work.
  • The exchange rate is great.
  • Living on expenses is great.
  • The weather is weird.
  • I love Black Stone Cherry
  • I wanted to get a Wii out here but they are apparently region locked 🙁
  • I wanted to get a PS3 out here but they are sold out 🙁
  • My iPod is starting to wear out I think 🙁
  • Time for a new iPod 🙂
  • We’re off to Winghouse tonight.


  1. Orlando. I missed the memo! But sounds cool!

  2. Macca says:

    Yeh, maybe if I had had the time to blog all three weeks of it, it would have sounded cool. Unfortunately it wasn’t entirely sun’n’fun for me. Never mind. There is always next year!

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