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Removing the search box from IE7

I like my browser bars to be tidy, infact I think I have a touch of desktop OCD. For example Outlook has to be the first item on my task bar and I hate it when you have 3 or 4 instances of the same application (i.e MSN or IE) that won’t ‘group’!   So, having the Google toolbar installed means I have the search box from that app AS WELL as the default search box that IE7 has in the top right. Yuk.

I’ve been meaning to find out how to remove the search box from IE7 for a month or so now and have just gotten around to it.

HKCU\Software\Polices\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\

Create new key InfoDelivery
Create new key under InfoDelivery called Restrictions
Create new DWORD under Restrictions called NoSearchBox with value = 1

Restart IE7 and voila, no built in search box.

Will getting a Macbook help my cluttered desktop woes I wonder? (Yes, i’m still fishing for ways to convince myself I NEED one :p)


  1. Jo says:

    Sorry, this does not wokr for me. It seems this is a local machine setting, not user setting. I would need this as user setting.…

  2. Macca says:



    Well, this is a per machine setting but under the Current User reg tree – So it only applies to the user it is configured for and only on the machine you set the reg key on.

    Are you saying you need this as a per user setting that is configured in AD to follow you around each machine that you logged onto in your enterprise?
    If so, a logon script would achieve the same thing if you set it up to add the InfoDelivery\Restrictions\NoSearchBox key when you log on.


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