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My last post mentioned that I had managed to use Noobz‘ latest downgrader and my copy of GTA:LCS to get from the OR 2.8 version of the PSP firmware back down to the Homebrew friendly 1.50.

Whilst trying to find something useful and interesting to do with my new old-skool style PSP I stumbled across the OE (Open Edition) custom versions of the OR firmware, released by a chap with the moniker Dark Alex.
I’m now running his 3.10OE-a release which enables a number of cool things i’ve found and a number of cool things I *think* it can do :D.

The actual upgrade process was simple, the hardest part was getting the right information and the right versions of the s/w. A lot of forum jumping and post trawling was involved, unfortunately most of the good information was buried amongst, people I assume are under the age of 15, writing “cud u pls hlp me make my PSP play copied games cuz i dont no how” – damn that kind of writing really is one of my biggest hates.. (Not to say that I am a Shakespearean literary genius.)

Disclaimer – If you brick your PSP it’s not my fault, just enjoying having the best paper-weight in your office.

Firstly, I couldn’t run the upgrade until my battery was fully charged – Even though it was connected to the PSU. Annoying.


Ok, I found the info that I was about to type up online already. This would have been helpful yesterday!!

After downgrading to 1.50, follow the guide below.
NB. I didn’t know about the motherboard limitation whereby later versions of PSP are hardcoded not to accept firmware lower than 2.0.. There is a link to a downgrader for this issue too but I did not need it.. (I have one of the earliest Jap import models :D)


I wonder if it’s possible to run *nix on a PSP yet….


  1. JohnHummel says:

    As far as running Unix – I’ve seen people be able to run basic Windows using a PC emulator. Slow as poop, but it can be done – so I’m almost certain someone’s gotten a small version of Linux or such running.

    Keyboarding would be a pain in the butt, though.

  2. Macca says:

    That’s pretty cool, I can well imagine it would be slow as hell.

    Keyboard input would be a pain, no doubt about it.

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