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iPhone launched in UK (in case you didn't know)

I arrived at the local O2 store at about 17.45, having figured that the nearest Apple store to me would be rammed. Being a pretty small town I assumed that demand for an iPhone wouldn’t be massive. I was correct.
There were 5 people there waiting when I arrived, by the time the store opened at 18:02 (see what they did there pt. 1?) there were about 10 people inline.

The staff were friendly enough, giving out apples (see what they did there pt.2?), water and sweets whilst chatting away about the iPhone.
I wasn’t interested in the demos, I just wanted to pay and get home but they made each person watch a quick demo of the iPhone… yawn.

I managed to pick up a Contour HardSkin case for it as well. To the dismay of people behind me in the queue, the store only had 3 of them and only about 6 other cases (which were crappy leather type ones) so I lucked in there.

When released in the US, there were tales of activiation issues and delays so I wanted to get back before the initial rush of new owners swamping the O2/Apple servers.
It’s taken me literally 8 minutes, from the time I connected the iPhone to my Mac, to the time I got the activation email with my new cell number.

I’ve just sync’d my iCal and contacts and am about to have a play around.

So far, so good as far as initial experience is concerned. Gonna play around now before the g/f comes round 😀

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