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November 11th, 2007:

What sucks about the iPhone

1. No SMS delivery reports.
2. Predictive text input is US English not UK English.
3. Predictive text seems to slow me down more than speed up entry, because if it ‘offers’ a word you have to touch the ‘offered word’ to cancel it. Pressing space accepts the new word.
4. Can’t recieve MMS messages – WTF?! You are instead sent an SMS message containing a code to enter at http://www.o2.co.uk/m.
5. Cannot get images onto the iPhone without using iTunes. i.e. Cannot save images from webpages, cannot recieve MMS pictures.
6. Even with the crappy notion of paying for ringtones, this doesn’t appear to exist on UK iTMS yet.
7. The camera blows.
8. Even without 3g, the battery life doesn’t appear to be great.
9. Can’t send or receive anything over Bluetooth…..