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A more objective look at iPhone (part 3: A few more words)

I think i’ve covered and detailed most of my gripes with the iPhone in parts one and two and as mentioned, Apple could potentially bring this device inline with other ‘latest gen’ phones (such as the Nokia N95) –  at least from a usability and feature standpoint, very quickly with a software update. 

Opening the platform up with proper SDKs, whether sandboxed or via 1337 root access, is sure to propel the platform forward exponentially.  As it goes, I picked up a Macbook earlier in the week and have started exercising my brain with some Cocoa coding so that i’m up to speed by the time the SDK is released.

One final thing I thought i’d mention is battery life.  I’ve left it for 3 days now without charging it up.  Having used it as normal, including phone, SMS, WiFI, iTMS, iPOD, Safari (pretty much all of the functionality!) the battery indicator is currently at aprox. 50%.

Final Words 

Granted, the camera is a weak point as is the EDGE network and they’re both items which can’t be addressed in a software update.

So, am I bothered by the lack of camera? 
No, not really. 

Whilst it’s a nice to have, i’ve just looked through the pictures on my previous phone.  I’m not going to save any of them.  All I used the camera for previously was for opportunistic clicks.  I’ve generally got my ‘proper’ (not DSLR proper!) camera with me anyway.

Is the EDGE network a pain in the ass?
Sometimes, but it’s not as stupidly slow as some internet comments have portrayed. 

I’ve been able to find WiFi access when I needed it and haven’t gotten annoyed or frustrated with EDGE at all.

Unfortunately, what with the hype around the iPhone, it seems that the device is suffering from over popularity.  Its become an easy target for comparisons and complaints, a good example is my earlier post – written out of frustration that it wasn’t the all singing, all dancing cure for cancer that it had been hyped up to be. 

Compared to my previous phone, it’s definately a step up and in the right direction.  Yes there are shortfalls in comparison with established devices and platforms but in it’s own right, and IMO it’s a cool and useful device.
I’m just waiting for Last.FM to include iPhone scrobbling support!

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    Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!

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