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Reasons to Jailbreak #1

My foray into the world of jailbroken iPhones was due to one very simple app – MobileScrobbler.

It simply hooks into the iPod functionalit and submits the Artist, Track and Album information to my Last.FM profile. Having been an avid, subscribing scrobbler for nigh on three years now, I can’t bear to listen to anything that doesn’t get posted to my profile. I’m very OCD about it; no CDs in the car (my HU has a ‘Made for iPod’ interface), no radio, no net streaming (except for the last.fm client).
It’s therefore been a bit of a struggle moving away from my iPod to _just_ the iPhone.

The current last.fm client isn’t able to scrobble iPhone plays in the same conventional manner that it does for iTunes or iPod plays. Apparently the way an iPhone syncs is completely different to iPod classic.

Anyhow, MobileScrobbler not only does this for you, it also does it over Edge/GPRS so it’ll scrobble in real time, on the move. Network permitting of course. (If it can’t scrobble it keeps the tracks in a cache until it can).

Simply brilliant, I can’t wait to get time to see what other goodness is available through Installer.

[EDIT]  I just checked out the dev guys blog, he’s almost got the whole Last.fm client functionality down including the streaming and last.fm wiki integration.

Here are the the first couple of tracks I put through MSc.

Uploaded with Skitch!

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