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Free Trac and SVN hosting

I’ve been getting really pissed off trying to install Trac to my Dreamhost shared server, to the extent that i’m contemplating moving hosts.

In the interim, DevJaVu have just started to offer free Personal accounts that include integrate Trac and SVN.
All you need to do is sign up using the referal code johnny5. I don’t know how long that code is valid for so get on it.


  1. At ProjectLocker, we now offer secure Subversion and Trac hosting starting at $2.50/month. If you’re still looking for a solution, we’d love for you to give us a try. We’re at http://www.projectlocker.com.

  2. Macca says:

    I binned DevJaVu as their SVN didn’t seem to play nicely with Eclipse or XCode.

    I’ll check out Project Locker.

  3. We also gave up on DevJaVu as their version of Trac would rarely display the php files we were uploading within the browser. Questions to tech support went unanswered.

    We’re now using assembla.com but they’re having issues as well. Half the time, it won’t allow us to update or checkout files.

    It’s really a pain.

  4. Assembla is no longer free.

  5. rs says:

    Do have a look at xp-dev.com as an alternative. It currently offers 1.5GB free SVN space. Even though its free, the service levels we try to keep up to is pretty high. There is some collaboration tools as well for project/issue tracking and wikis.

  6. *chuckle* Anyone else notice the use of pronouns in rs’s comment there changed from the third person to the first?

    It does allow for private projects for free which is what Assembla no longer allows. Too be honest, I just like being able to have a private space for my own work.

  7. Macca says:

    Heh, yeh I noticed that too πŸ˜€

  8. rs says:

    “It” refers to a service. “We” run “it” (the service). “It” provides SVN hosting – Am I missing something ? I must be going mad.

  9. We’re looking at this bit:

    the service levels we try to keep up to is pretty high

    We’re looking at the “we” in there as meaning you as in you being a part of the folks over at xp-dev.com.

    And, yes, I’m giving them a try. I don’t need 1.5 gigs but some of the work that I do, I’m covered under NDAs that don’t allow things to be public. I may not get a whole lot of money for the work that I do (if any money in fact) but I still need to keep that material under wraps.

  10. Scott says:

    If you don’t want the hassle of installing, managing and backing up your own Trac server, you could try the service at ProjectHut.com. From only $4.95/month you get your own secure space (https) with Trac, Subversion and WebDav that is backed up hourly and comes with a simple web control panel that allows you to administer your projects without editing a single config file.

  11. I believe that gets away from the purpose of this post. The point was free Trac and SVN hosting. Projecthut isn’t free.

    I’m using codespaces.com now although I have to admit that I don’t like their fancy user interface and there’s no stats currently available. I can’t even tell how many items I have open.

  12. heh I remember these posts. πŸ™‚

    I finally said the heck with it and picked up a cheap $50 a year VPS. Granted that the provider oversells to get by at that price but what I’m doing isn’t extremely critical. Plus I control all my data and backups instead of a third party.

    Granted it’s not free but I use the VPS for other things like a personal VPN as my local library likes blocking security and programming sites.

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