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Wanted : Definitive iCal Entourage sync

Now that i’ve gotten hold of MS Office:Mac 2008 and an RSA Hardtoken (for VPN) I no longer need to use Windows at all for work or play. (I’ve also just ordered a new MBP through work, huzzah!)

Since i’ve got Entourage connected up to the Exchange server here at work, I want to be able to sync my work calendar with the calendars I have set up in iCal. Not only have I got a couple of standard calendars, i’ve also set up some dynamic ones based on RSS feeds – for example, i’m terrible for remembering when I’ve got gigs lined up so i’ve subscribed to my Last.fm events feed in iCal which in turn shows up on my iPhone, along with a couple of Google Calendars (for University schedules).

Having turned on Calendar Sync in the Office:Mac preferences, I can see my Entourage calendar in iCal and thus on my iPhone. You’d think that this would please me.


I also want the sync to be reversed so that iCal events are added to my ‘work’ calendar…
This causes scheduling problems in that work colleagues who are trying to arrange meetings can’t see my ‘personal’ busy time.
I understand that there is some limitation with Entourage to do with iCal having multiple calendars and Entourage only having one but surely there is some way to merge all the calendar data from iCal into one, then populate E with that?
Taking it one step further, why not enlist the built in Categories feature of Entourage to label the events from different iCal feeds?

Is there something out there that can do this already or have I just spec’d out my next dev project?


  1. FlashGen says:

    Can you not just make an additional calendar in Entourage and link that to the iCal one for the reverse sync?

    I don’t bother with Entourage at all now, I just get iCal to sync directly to my N95 via iSync (or Sailing MobileSync if you want it to do it automatically). nnot sure if it works with iPhone though as it uses BT so YMMV…

  2. FlashGen says:

    DOH! Shows when I last used MobileSync…This is Sony Ericsson only. My bad 🙁

  3. Macca says:

    iCal only shows one Calendar from Entourage, as far as I can tell. You can’t configure syncServices to ‘pull’ the data from iCal to Entourage either.
    My work phone is an XDA Stellar, running Windows mobile 6 which doesn’t play with the OS X iSync at the moment 🙁

  4. Robyn says:

    You might be able to use PocketMac

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