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April, 2016:

Replacing a BT Homehub 5

In 2013 it took BT nearly four months in to connect up the phone line and get internet access enabled at the cabinet, blaming it on “one of those things” that happens when you buy a new build house (despite the rest of the road being connected just fine).  When it was finally up and running I hoped that their newest revision of the HomeHub router, version 5 now with the VDSL modem built in instead of a separate BT Openreach device, would be better than the awfully unreliable HH3.  It really wasn’t much better.  Same poor UI, same poor UX, marginally better reliability.  It’s unusual for it to keep the WiFi up and running for longer than a week without needing to reboot it.

Over the last few months it has been dropping connections, rebooting seemingly at random, refusing to respond to DHCP requests, and generally getting in the bloody way.  Yesterday was the final straw when it rebooted no fewer than 8 times between 8:30am and 10am, and my itchy Amazon Prime trigger finger ordered an ASUS DSL-AC68U.  If I had a little more patience, or if I could find the old BT Openreach VDSL modem I would have moved away from the all-in-one type router/WiFi/modem units and picked up something like the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter but I’ll save that for a bit more research. (more…)