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A more objective look at iPhone (part 2: Things the iPhone does well)

This is part two in the series, part one can be found here.

As I mentioned in the last post, I don’t want this to sound like a complete Apple bash of the iPhone. So here are some thoughts about the good side of the iPhone, going through by component.


A more objective look at iPhone (part 1: Things the iPhone can't do)

Having had my iPhone for nearly two weeks, now I was planning on writing up a bit more about my experience with the iPhone a little later in the week but have been spurred on by a post at BittubeBlog.

Let’s break it down into; Things the iPhone can’t do, Things the iPhone does badly, Things the iPhone does well.
I’m not sure i’ll get the time to write the whole article today so i’ll split it into three posts.

Things the iPhone can’t do (more…)

What sucks about the iPhone

1. No SMS delivery reports.
2. Predictive text input is US English not UK English.
3. Predictive text seems to slow me down more than speed up entry, because if it ‘offers’ a word you have to touch the ‘offered word’ to cancel it. Pressing space accepts the new word.
4. Can’t recieve MMS messages – WTF?! You are instead sent an SMS message containing a code to enter at http://www.o2.co.uk/m.
5. Cannot get images onto the iPhone without using iTunes. i.e. Cannot save images from webpages, cannot recieve MMS pictures.
6. Even with the crappy notion of paying for ringtones, this doesn’t appear to exist on UK iTMS yet.
7. The camera blows.
8. Even without 3g, the battery life doesn’t appear to be great.
9. Can’t send or receive anything over Bluetooth…..


1. Over charging. I accept that a service charge of somekind is due when buying event tickets however charging a further £8 per ticket ON TOP of the £65 (Dolphins vs Giants @ Wembley) I have already paid is unacceptable. Especially considering they then charge another £5 ON TOP for postage.
2. Unable to run their website with any degree of reliability. Server unavailable? Amateurs.

I’m angry. The problem is that they have the monoploy and you can’t get tickets anywhere else.
I don’t know who is worse, Ticketmaster or the touts that buy up the tickets with no intention of going and sell them on.

Bravo Bravia

I was having a discussion over Xbox live with a couple of friends of mine.  Two of us have the same 40″ Sony Bravia, the other has a standard widescreen CRT.
It’s very difficult trying to put across just how good the picture quality is with a HDTV (especially when it is being fed HD content), I find the only thing I can say is that the colours are just so much better.  An example I use to show is a clip of an IMAX film called Coral Reef Adventure.  You can download the clip here in 720p (or 1080p if your TV is compatible) along with some other good samples.

I found a site, courtesy of Digg.com which has some great comparisons between 480p and 720p – 480 being the resolution in which standard SD (Standard Definition) film is recorded and broadcast and 720 being the lowest resolution to qualify as HD film.  (The p stands for progressive scan, stick it in google or wiki for the full details :P)

The sites creator has taken identical screen grabs of both sources from Apple.com movie trailers and has set them up as roll overs on the page.  The page takes quite some time to download as the images are big but it’s worth it.

The first image shown is the 480p or SD grab, when you mouse over it the 720p or HD grab is shown.  Note:  The first time you roll over, it has to download the 720p image so give it some time.
Once it is done, you can clearly see the difference in quality.  Notice the clarity of the skin in the Fantastic Four grab, the sharpness of the grab from The Simpsons and the others.

I was pretty sceptical of the difference before I got my panel but as soon as I put the HD trailers on that I’d downloaded over Xbox Live, I was smitten.  I guess HD really is one of those things you have to see to believe.

What’s goin’ on

  • I’m in Orlando, FL with work.
  • The exchange rate is great.
  • Living on expenses is great.
  • The weather is weird.
  • I love Black Stone Cherry
  • I wanted to get a Wii out here but they are apparently region locked 🙁
  • I wanted to get a PS3 out here but they are sold out 🙁
  • My iPod is starting to wear out I think 🙁
  • Time for a new iPod 🙂
  • We’re off to Winghouse tonight.


Last time I came here, the WTC was standing.

The last two days i’ve been one of the “experts” at one of our user groups, this one hosted at the Millenium Hilton on Church St.  If you know NYC, you might know this is *directly* opposite ground zero.
It’s been quite distracting really, the space where they are building doesn’t look big enough to house the 2 WTC towers, let alone the other one (or was it other ones?) that collapsed.
Apparently this Hilton was shut for 18 months after that day, there is a building to the left of ground zero that is still being fixed up from it.

From the heady hights of the presidential suite (swanky cocktail party, unfortunately i’m not staying in it!), which is atop of the hotel, the footprint just doesn’t compute.

Oh, and I went to the Apple store the other day and am gonna take the plunge and get me one!