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Shortcuts and Quicksilver

I’ve always preferred to use the keyboard more than the mouse so i’ve been intrigued by QuickSilver for a long time. It was almost a weekly subject on the LifeHacker RSS feed for a while earlier this year. Being a Mac only app, I was pretty jealous, but was fine with the CTRL + R shortcut to bring up the Run box in Windows…

I’ve been using QuickSilver for a couple of weeks now and haven’t really scratched the surface of it. I only use it to open apps quickly (Terminal, Eclipse, Textmate) and haven’t gotten around to seeing what the right hand box can offer just yet. It certainly beats having a massive Dock or trawling through the Applications folder.

On another but related note, what’s the deal with Firefox (Mac), Safari and webpage check boxes?
I’m used to being able to tab down a web form and submitting without having to use the mouse at all. However on my Mac, neither browser will tab to the checkbox. It’s so much quick to tab to it and hit space than to muck about with the mouse/trackpad.

Is this just a config thing or is it really by design? To me, it seems a bit of a usability issue. Of course i’m no expert on that subject really.

A more objective look at iPhone (part 3: A few more words)

I think i’ve covered and detailed most of my gripes with the iPhone in parts one and two and as mentioned, Apple could potentially bring this device inline with other ‘latest gen’ phones (such as the Nokia N95) –  at least from a usability and feature standpoint, very quickly with a software update.  (more…)


1. Over charging. I accept that a service charge of somekind is due when buying event tickets however charging a further £8 per ticket ON TOP of the £65 (Dolphins vs Giants @ Wembley) I have already paid is unacceptable. Especially considering they then charge another £5 ON TOP for postage.
2. Unable to run their website with any degree of reliability. Server unavailable? Amateurs.

I’m angry. The problem is that they have the monoploy and you can’t get tickets anywhere else.
I don’t know who is worse, Ticketmaster or the touts that buy up the tickets with no intention of going and sell them on.